Monday 1st February 2021

WBA Service Web Storing KPN WBA Service portaal - beperkte functionaliteiten

01-02-2021 08:41 Application disturbances (TIE, BSW portal)

in behandeling

01-02-2021 10:57 EBS, EVPN, Housing, ILL 2MB, MDF, MTN, ODF FTTH, SDH/DWDM/DF, Voice, WBA, WEAS, WLR

01-02-2021 10:57 Due to an issue with one of the underlying systems, KPN is facing issues with several applications that rely on line-tests.

These include but are not limited to: Tie BSW 01-02-2021 15:35 A certificate was implemented, at the moment this is being tested. When the tests prove to be succesfull, the certificate will be fully implemented. 01-02-2021 15:53 The tests were succesfull, the certificate has been deployed. The impact is gone and the business checks are postive.